11th International Festival of Contemporary Dance

Tickets for the autumn part of the festival are on sale!


Tickets for the autumn part of the festival are available on the Zlín Municipal Theatre website!

On the website of the Municipal Theatre in Zlín, you can now purchase tickets for the last performance of this year's festival season. You can also buy the tickets in a gift package and give them as a present to your close ones.

On the October 22nd, you will be able to see the following performances:

420PEOPLE & Please The Trees

The ensemble describes the performance as the "Best of" collection from the performances of 420PEOPLE in the last four years. You will recognize moments from choreographies such as MirageWind-UpSacrebleu and REEN. The unique nature of the evening will be underlined by the connection of 420PEOPLE with the Czech alternative-rock band, Please the Trees, which will accompany the performances live.

Andrew Skeels - FLEETING

The choreography Fleeting mixes baroque music and contemporary dance. During six sequences, you will be able to experience everything that can happen within a couple's life. At moments when the body and soul of the dancers curve around each other, you will be left breathless, you will feel like you are in a state of weightlessness.