12th International Festival of Contemporary Dance

Phenomena of Perception (pre-program)


We see what others see. We realize what others realize. But we create different visual interpretation than others.

We visualize with sight, we listen with hearing, we smell with smell, we materialize materially by touch and we create and perceive spatiality through kinesthetics. With these senses we can live, work, communicate, love and be. Material is shown to us in consciousness through perception. We see and think in pictures. We perceive here and now, constantly.

Dance performance is based on aesthetic of movement, perception and space. Performance change space to perceptible entity. Human realizes the importance of the senses. The performance is supposed to shock the viewer and make him think about the perception of his surroundings. 

Performance works with motifs of stereotype, prejudice, imagination and other factors that can affect the resulting image. The aim is to bring the spectator to satisfy his desire to be - to set up a mirror that will reflect our inner image where reality is not reality, but only by what each other possesses from a different perspective.

(The performance was created within the project Phenomena of Perception - a project used for visual interpretation of theoretical research into the issues of aesthetics of the sensory perceptible and the phenomenon of perception)

Choreography: Ondřej staněk

All Style Unit

This performace you can see within pre-program 13th year of international contenporary dance festival TanecValmez on Saturday October 17th at 19:00 in KD Zašová