11th International Festival of Contemporary Dance

Lesson of French Cuisine with Nabil Ouelhadj


Dance accompanied by music, beatbox, and video footage deals with food and lifestyle issues.

Choreography "Bon App"! is intended (not only) for a young audience, offering entertaining thoughts about nutrition, consumption, waste and well-being. It avoids banality, does not eradicate, but by the wit and the means of modern art actively deals with health and civilization problems.

Nabil Ouelhadj actively engages with the audience who play chefs with him, accompanied by a beatboxer and dancing gestures that imitate cooking food.

Nabil Ouelhadj is a choreographer, artist and trainer whose atypical work opens doors to a wide variety of worlds. His collaborators include Carolyn Carlson, José Montalvo, Farid Berki and Kader Attou, with whom he has been making art projects at an international level.

He is a member of the "Art Council" Roots and Routes International, he founded the Racines Carrées ensemble and is the initiator of many performances combining dance, video, theater and music. Racines Carrées was founded in 2010 and quickly engaged in the production of live performances and arts education.