11th International Festival of Contemporary Dance

Kader Attou for the first time in the Czech Republic!


The elite French choreographer combines break dance, hip-hop and contemporary dance. The performance will take your breath away. Come to Zlín and see it for yourselves on the 23rd of October.

Blend of different dance styles, amazing music and especially performances that will delight, amaze and take your breath away.

This year you can look forward to a true dance delicacy - the superb French group of Centre Chorégraphique National de La Rochelle will visit the Czech Republic for the first time. Under the supervision of choreographer Kader Attou they will perform a production of The Roots in the Zlín Municipal Theatre on Sunday, October 23rd.

Hip hop, break dance and contemporary dance

The Roots is a thrilling show that mixes various dance styles - hip-hop, break dance and contemporary dance. A group of festival organizers had the opportunity to see the choreography last October in Oslo, Norway, and they was absolutely mesmerized.

Choreographer Kader Attou has a phenomenal ability to combine different forms and styles into a unique, energetic and dynamic choreography. Just when you think there is nothing more that could surprise you and the performance has already reached its peak, you will be left breathless only moments later.

The journey begins at the roots

According to Attou, The Roots is a human adventure, a journey guided by eleven exceptional hip-hop dancers which changes one chapter after another. The performance introduces new horizons and pushes the viewers into the unknown. And yet, it works with everyday things that make up our normal world - a simple table, a crackling gramophone record or childhood memories...

A major role in this piece is the music itself. It's thrilling, exciting and calls for the connection of dancers. Each of them work with a different intensity, strength, everyone goes his own way. But all of them begin their journey from the roots and build their way to the memory of the body.

If you belong among dance enthusiasts of any kind, you cannot miss this performance in Zlín on Sunday, October 23rd at 19 o'clock.