11th International Festival of Contemporary Dance

Fallen Angels in Zlín


In the choreography Falling Angels by Czech choreographer Jiří Kylián, the guiding emotion is a feeling of excitement and weightelessness displayed by eight dancers.

Kylian's choreography is fascinated by Reich's minimalism, which has led the phasing method to the very limit of humanly technical possibilities. Steve Reich's music creates a scene from which choreography can grow completely independently and emphasize the dance as such.

"Falling Angels is a choreography for eight women, which was conceived as a rather lightweight tribute to female dancers. From the beginning to the end of the song, none of the eight dancers leaves the stage. Their inter-interdependence and, at the same time, their desire to break out of it are evident throughout the composition.

Falling Angels tells a story of dancers and the art of interpretation, of elegance, anxiety, vulnerability, inferiority complexes and humor. It is a symbol of the conflict between belonging and independence, the dilemma that accompanies each of us from cradle to grave. "

Jiří Kylián, 2008

Choreography Falling Angels is a part of the joint performance TWO WORLD / ONE WORLD in Ostrava, whose uniqueness lies in the combination of the world-renowned creators of Kylian, Ohar Naharina and Itzika Galili who, in their composite evening, each show their own and unrepeatable ways of developing the contemporary ballet.