12th International Festival of Contemporary Dance

Burki&com and Největší přání


Burki&com is a contemporary physical theater company founded in 2015 by choreographer Jana Burkiewicz. “We dance so that we can say more than just words. We speak so we can overcome the shadow of the gesture. Image is as important to us as intelligence. Dance is a flight of paradise, a cry and an exchange of views. Through the theater we try to understand the society in which we live. ”Dancers, actors, musicians, artists, performers. Our home scene is the industrial space La Fabrika in Prague's Holešovice.

Burki&com / Biggest Wish


We were looking for the greatest wishes of our lives. We were looking for happiness. And then they exposed them to our doubts. Ballet of irony and joy. Monstrously beautiful.

What is the most important thing in human life? What do we desire and what do we actually remember? And do we remember what we wanted to remember so much? And what do we begin to crave when what we have so longed for? And is there any absolute, greatest craving that unites us all? And is it just a prayer or a real desire for which we are able to do something?

We have asked questions that connect us with the world of our own dreams, and we always ask ourselves on our travels with the theater, spectators, passers-by and ourselves. From the answers we have been collecting, we have tried to create a great picture of happiness for everyone.

The performance is presented by burki & com with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Prague City Hall, Prague 7 and the Life of the Artist Foundation. Partners: La Fabrika, Cirqeuon, Vitra.

Premiere: November 13, 2018, La Fabrika, Prague


Choreography, directed by: Jana Burkiewiczová

Libretto: Jana Burkiewiczová, Jiří Macek

Dramaturgy: Jiří Macek

Music: Mutants look for a way out


Sound: Petr Taclík

Lightdesign: Jiří Šmirk

Stage design, costumes: Anna Stepankova, Tereza R. Kladosova, Kristina Duhova

Production: Petra Hanzlíková