11th International Festival of Contemporary Dance

Best of 420PEOPLE in Zlín


Dance-musical performance loaded with the best moments of the latest choreographies of 420PEOPLE. The dancers will be accompanied live by the alternative-rock band Please the Trees.

The Czech company 420PEOPLE is no stranger to the festival audience - in 10 years, TANCEVALMEZ's visitors have had the chance to watch a series of distinctive choreographies that sometimes bind them to the chairs, sometimes lifting them up again. This year, the world-renowned ensemble from Prague is preparing for a festival podium with another interesting project. At the Zlín Municipal Theater on October 22nd, they will perform with the live musical accompaniment of a Czech alternative-rock band called Please the Trees. Their joint work has been met with great success, for example, in the Archa Theatre or the Jatky78.

The ensemble returns to the festival TANECVALMEZ after two years, when they introduced the Dance Tribute to Ping Pong. It was the world premiere of the successful choreography by Norwegian choreographer Jo Strømgren and originally performed by 420PEOPLE. The premiere was the result of international cooperation, which was also part of the TANECVALMEZ effort of putting together the Norwegian and Czech ensembles and is still considered one of the most important works of the festival. There is no doubt that another encounter with 420PEOPLE will be worth it once again!

Best of 420PEOPLE

The ensemble describes the performance as the "Best of" collection from the performances of 420PEOPLE in the last four years. You will recognize moments from choreographies such as MirageWind-UpSacrebleu and REEN. 420PEOPLE belongs to an elite of the Czech contemporary dance scene, so you can look forward to a vibrant, dynamic and perfectly motion-driven dance. Thanks to the fact that several choreographies blend together in this concept, the performance alternates between faster and slower passages that are both content-intesive and lightweight and include humor as well as exaggeration.

Live alternative-rock music

The unique nature of the evening will be underlined by the connection of 420PEOPLE with the Czech alternative-rock band, Please the Trees, which will accompany the performances live. The band has its originality on the contemporary Czech music scene and in 2013 won the Anděl Music Award for Best Alternative Performance.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in October! 


Photography: 420PEOPLE.