12th International Festival of Contemporary Dance

Bachtale Kale Phrala (BKP)


Roma-Arm100en dance group engaged in African-American social dances of the 1970s and 1980s. By combining their native folkloric rhythms and customs, he creates his own view of funk and soul dances. BKP members are multitalented individuals who are active in the rose arts industries. They are part of the dance scene of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where they contribute to the world-famous fame of their native landscapes. Members: Vahe Akopjan, Roman Kejik, Patrik Kejik, Miroslav Balogh, Roman Lakatos, Tomas Drafi, Lukas Sivak, Alexander Bati. Watch the dance movie INDFRAME, which was shot in the premises of the Slovak National Gallery. Its creators who call themselves Bachtale Kale Phrala will tell you more about it.

The dancers from the group Bachtale Kale Phrala (BKP) are proud to cooperate with the Slovak National Gallery and thus organized the official premiere of their video in Berlin, Bratislava. Thus they represented not only their INDFRAME project, but also themselves as versatile artists who elevate dance in Slovakia to the level of other forms of art. Dancers as well as other guests, so experienced a completely different atmosphere, as they are used to urban dance events. Dress code shine baby shinespolu with a special guest provided a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Spunkey: The fact that we managed to establish cooperation with the Slovak National Gallery is a huge thing for us as artists, because we dancers find it hard to get anything on the gallery walls, so I say, "let's at least put it in those spaces." The process belongs to Mir Gajdoš, who trusted us and convinced the National Gallery leadership that it was a good decision, and we really appreciate it and we look forward to having something like that.

Kale Phrala

Kalo: Love joined us. In the first place was funk, it is probably clear to everyone. We are a funky group that feels very energetic. Spunkey and Luke Brown joined together to represent the Juste Debout 2012 preselection in Poland, where they fought to the final. At that time, the name Bachatale Kale Phrala, or Black Lucky Brothers, was heard for the first time. They spread funky fashion and dance style Locking. Tboy was then invited to join them. Later in 2013 I joined also thanks to the Brno project SOUL. My brother Carlos and Wahe eventually joined naturally. This connection has created a family, it is the feeling. Lastly, we met Romany, one of the best bboys in Slovakia, who is the same as us and likes style. This is how the current Seven was created - we share the love of dance and try to spread Locking.