14th International Festival of Contemporary Dance

Dance and its people, or Stories from the History of Czech dance


The exhibition is prepared in collaboration with the Museum and Gallery Centre of Valašské Meziříčí, the opening will take place on Wednesday, May 4th at 6 p.m.

The opening speech of the exhibition will be given by the author Kateřina Hanáčková. Guests can also enjoy a performance of the pupils of B-Art Elementary Art School. Along with them, we will take a look into dance history - from prehistoric times to the romanticism. The exhibition itself will be open from May 5th until June 12th in the Museum and Gallery Centre of Valašské Meziříčí who cooperates with organizing the exhibition.

The exhibition entitled Dance and its people, or Stories from the History of Czech dance shows the dance phenomenon as one of the integral art forms. The project brings forward a number of well-known personalities that in the domestic context belong among the heroes of the dance field, the pioneers who created a distinctive style and innovators who introduced a different system or masters who have unquestionably went down in the history of Czech dance with their charm and skills .

We are used to talking about various disciplines of human activity just as about people themselves. We personify sport, science, politics ... and even dancing. Sport brings joy, politics deceives us and for example ballet hurts. But just as there is no Mrs. Fashion or Miss Science, nor does exist by itself ballet, dance, swing, jazz, folk, hip hop, and so on. Even though we know that they shape, dazzle, charge and encourage, it is mainly the particular people who do. People who love to move and whose hearts beat in different rhythms, people who move in lines and curves, spirals and twists, people who push their physical abilities of their own and even our bodies, who break down aesthetic boundaries and fill the concept of art with a very specific content.

At the exhibition we will recall some of them, for example Nina Jirsíková, Jelizaveta Nikolsky and Joe Jenčík. They were people endowed with exceptional talent who often possessed a very distinct character. This explosive combination has been an inspirational force driving their amazing life stories that are worth telling and not forgetting.