11th International Festival of Contemporary Dance

10th annual festival kicks off with Polish group Witamina T


Get prepared for Polish speed dating - on Saturday, April 22nd in Valašské Meziříčí.

TANECVALMEZ organizers decided to hand out their first gift even before Christmas and thus revealed the first performers of this year's 10th anniversary. The festival will kick off in April with Polish dance group Witamina T. After watching their performance Speed Dates this year at the Poznan Dancing Festival 2016 in Poland, the organizers were so impressed they decided to introduce the show during the first festival day.

Witamina T will perform at the festival TANECVALMEZ for the very first time. The group consists of graduates of Dance Theater Department in Bytom (Ludwik Solski National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow). They create and work as members of independent collectives and theaters in Poland as well as abroad.

Daniela Komędera initiated the foundation of Witamina T for the purpose of creating SPEED DATES show that viewers will have the opportunity to see on Saturday April 22nd at the Cultural Hall in Valašské Meziříčí.

What to do with a flooded visual culture and a frenetic lifestyle?

SPEED DATES show is a response to the overwhelming culture of images and icons – hypervisual virtual reality, which cannot reflect real life. Fortunately, we also have Love! Energy affecting on the daily functioning of the world, realizing our deepest needs – creative and destructive at the same time. SPEED DATES show is a call for fully closeness, search for harmony with one another requiring time and patience. How to do this in the times of omnipresent rush, the availability of impressions and images that constantly play with our senses? We invite you to meet - in a realistic dimension.

The show has been a part of “Podziel się swoim talentem” program (in Suwałki, Gołdap and Pułtusk) for last three years. Vitamin T also performed at various festivals including festival Dei2Mondi in Spoleto (Italy), festival “Sami z Siebie” in Hothaus Theatre in Crakow, Night of Theaters in Cracow. Efforts of the whole group were awarded with the 1st Audience Prize at Połczyn Zdrój Festival and a special award at OFTeN festival in Ostrów Wielkopolski.